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Starfire PWDs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Warren MI us

They will be Aptitude/Temperament tested at 8 weeks to ensure the best possible placement. Health and temperament guaranteed. Excellent bloodlines which include Champions, Therapy Dogs and Agility performance dogs. Longevity up to 15 years in this line. Pups will be crate trained upon request and potty training started before going to their new homes. Basic commands will be taught and recall established. Pups will be Dark Brown or Black with white markings. Some will be parti colored. Pics below are examples of the possibilites
High Winds Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Freeland MI us

"High Winds, Where Show Dogs Become Family" Litter Due January 15, 2016!!! Welcome to the High Winds Family, we have been raising and showing dogs for over 20 years. We are a home based breeder and our dogs are raised as a part of the family with our children, ages from 3-18... Our High Winds Dogs are beautiful show dogs as well as companion dogs. Our dogs excel in every venue, from Conformation, Therapy Dogs, Agility, Water Work, Tracking, Junior handling as well. We are very proud of our temperments, we do not breed to just produce dogs to sell. At High Winds, we breed to enhance the integrity of the breed, as being an active breeder in the PWDCA and the GLPWDCA, we breed for the sport and the love of the Working dog. In saying such, not every dog is meant to be a show dog. We do health, temperment, and structure evaluations. And then determine what dogs will be placed in show homes and then pet homes. Please feel free to call and ask any questions, if you would like you are welsome to set an appointment to meet our dogs...

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Pittston PA us

We raise healthy, playful, mischievous and happy PWD puppies on a diet of exercise, fun and love, all in the country sunshine. With our mix of European and American bloodlines we strive to reproduce the quality of temperament that the breed originally possessed. Check for upto date information about available puppies on our website: pwdpuppies.com Our puppies are raised free & happy, as healthy puppies should be, in a loving environment on 450 acres. The pack is contained in a 28 acre invisible fence system, with creeks and ponds to play in all day long, everyday. They are members of our family and very well behaved dogs (most of the time), with a “slight” touch of mischief in their loving eyes.
Regala Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Bethel PA us

I usually breed two litters a year and my puppies are born in a whelping box in my bedroom and weeks later moved to a larger puppy pen in a family room. They are held and loved every day. I breed for Temperment, Structure and of course Healthy puppies. Temperment is especially important, as this has to be a dog that is a pleasure to live with. Puppies are placed in their new homes by matching the right personality to the right home. All PWD's have a common denominator in personality but can have different levels of that personality. Some are extremely strong willed and active, some middle of the road and some are mellower. This mellower personality is not a sit in the corner dog,it is still active but quieter than it's littermates. Let your Breeder help in your selection of a puppy as they know their puppies and any differences there are in personality. PWD's are highly intelligent so therefore need a home where they will be given training and guidance and love. They are highly active as puppies and young adults. This is a dog that wants to be with you All the time. If I can answer any questions about the breed or questions about the Health testing that is necessary, please feel free to contact me.
Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Monroe CT us

As a breeder of three years, my personal mission is to find safe and friendly environments that will encourage and promote the healthy development of the Portuguese Water Dog puppies. I am the owner of both the dam and sire. The puppies are born and raised in the comfort of my own home to ensure proper development. Both the dam and sire came directly from Portugal, proving their authenticity as the puppies are first generation to the United States. Copies of the pedigree expressing Portuguese lineage is available. The current liter of puppies consists of black and brown, male and female puppies. The puppies are able to go to new homes mid-August. Included in the purchase of a new dog is the following: AKC registration papers, health certificate, copy of the pedigree, a beginners guide to the PWD breed, and a take-home crate. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a puppy, don't hesitate to contact me. Luis Mendes 203-395-3651 lcmendes@yahoo.com
Alto Mare Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Provo UT us

ALTO MARE PWDS carefully planned breeding program, AKC Breeder of Merit; PWDCA outstanding breeder award qualifier; full health/DNA testing, Lifetime Guarantee. We are not commercial dog breeders. we breed to preserve the qualities and characteristics of the breed that make it so wonderful. Our puppies are and have always been raised in our home around normal family activity, we have specific temperament development that insures our puppies are very people social, loving and eager to please. We have been training and showing dogs for over 35 years. Our breeding program has produced over 150 AKC champions, record setting titlist in Obedience, agility, water work, etc.but best of all they have all been a family pet first and foremost. We have had a very carefully planned breeding program for over 25yrs, we have always done thorough health testing as it came available, currently that includes: certified hips(OFA) and certified Eyes(CERF)and well as DNA testing (Optigen-PRCD; GM-1; JDCM; and IC if needed) this insures our puppies have the best chance for a long healthy life!

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in De Land FL us

We have been showing and breeding Portuguese Water Dogs for 25 years. It is our goal in our breeding program to produce healthy puppies with great temperaments. It is very important to us that the puppy fits in well with the lifestyle of those who purchase them. Our pups are born and raised in the house and well socialized prior to going to their new homes.
RiverRun Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Traverse City MI us

RiverRun Portuguese Water Dogs is a small kennel.We selectively breed a couple of times a year. Pups are raised in our kitchen, surrounded by all kinds of noise and people. All parents have their health tests in order. We are active in both the breed ring and the performance rings. I'd love to talk to you about the breed... Pups available occasionally.

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Monclova OH us

AKC Breeder of Merit. Member of PWDCA and GLPWDC. More than 50 years of combined excellence breeding and specializing in the PORTUGUESE WATER DOG. We breed sound PWDs with loving old-fashioned temperament. Our dogs exhibit exceptionally sound movement in the show ring, trainability, competence and intellect in performance activities, in demand for drug and bomb interdiction, SAR and medical alert abilities. Our breeding dogs are registered with OFFA and PWDCA Health Databases. Mariposa puppies are raised in the home, run in our woods and swim in our pond. Contact Us about our future breeding plans. We stand 100% behind every puppy.
Blue Run Portuguese Water Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Rockville MD us

I have been breeding Portuguese Water dogs for 13 years. My goal is to produce healthy and handsome animals of good temperament and to place them in loving attentive homes. I follow my animals closely and prefer to place puppies in homes in the Washington D.C. area or in near by Virginia and Maryland whenever possible. I am expecting a litter of puppies this January(2016). Details of my breeding plans are posted on my blogspot: (BlueRunPWDs.blogspot.com)along with pictures of previous litters and the current breeding pair. A face to face meeting with your family is required before a deposit is accepted. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and a Full voting member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. My puppies are fully health tested in compliance with the recommendations of my parent club. Health of all puppies produced is tracked yearly for the life of the dog.
Crews 'N Ports

Portuguese Water Dog Breeder in Hot Springs AR us

Our goal in our selective breeding program is to produce well balanced, healthy puppies with great temperaments. It is very important to us also that the puppy fits in well with the lifestyle of those who purchase them whether it be confirmation, obedience, agility, water, or just to have a loyal and loving companion.
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Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog Overview
The Portuguese water dog is a robust dog of medium build, slightly longer than it is tall. It is strong and well-muscled, able to work both in and out of the water for long periods. It has a profuse single coat, either wavy or curly. Two clips are acceptable: the lion clip, in which the muzzle and middle part, up to the tail tip, are clipped; and the retriever clip, in which the entire coat is scissored to about 1 inch in length, with the tail tip again left full length. The water dog's expression is steady, penetrating and attentive, reflecting its spirited disposition.

The gregarious Portuguese water dog is a fun-loving, family-loving, water-loving dog. It is good with children, and other dogs and pets. It is sensitive and responds well to direction. It is a good breed for an active person wanting an adventurous, affectionate, biddable partner.

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