Catcurl LaPerms

LaPerm Breeder in Bowden AB ca

Catcurls is a small cattery where LaPerms are raised as part of our family. They are never caged; and you will find them sunning themselves on top one of the many cat trees, chasing the broom, or snuggling with us at night. We do not consider this a business but rather a passion in which we are happy to share some of the joy we find. Our main objective is raising healthy and happy cats and kittens; with amazing temperaments. Although we are home to TICA's top international LaPerm kitten, cat, and alter last show season; as well as many Regional winners, health remains our top priority; and thus we do not believe in line breeding. We specialize in pointed and minks; and have both long and short furred. All cats/kittens are FeL and FIV negative, are dewormed and vaccinated and come with a health guarantee as well as a month of free pet insurance. Preference is given to those where if shipping is necessary, the kitten is transported in cabin.
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